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Crystal Lake is the sweeping story of one American family, facing ordinary challenges amidst extraordinary events, while continually being drawn back to a single location, Crystal Lake. From the shores of Normandy during one of history’s most consequential events, to the villages of equatorial Africa rattled by political and ethnic upheaval. From the drug-infested streets of Honduras, to the peace and tranquility of Big Sky Country in America’s Midwest. And from the ultra-modern skyline of Dubai in the Middle East to the farmlands of western Ireland at the beginning of the twentieth century.  Crystal Lake follows the journey of a father and son as they search for purpose and meaning in twentieth-century America.


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Award-winning author Ernesto Mestre-Reed

“Crystal Lake is ambitious and epic work that at once encompasses large swaths of world history and deals with volatile issues such as bigotry, racism, and the evanescence of the American dream while very sophisticatedly tracking the personal and moral growth of a father and son.”


George John Black has been an educator for more than thirty years, living and working in the United States, Africa, Central America, the Middle East, and Asia.  He currently resides in southern California with his wife and five children.

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